Jazan Pearl of South

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  • 2023.07.11
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Adosareya Castle

It is an ancient castle located in the middle of the city of Jizan on top of a mountain overlooking the sea at the top of Jizan Mountain, at an estimated height of 150m above sea level. Its construction dates back to the Ottoman Empire, where it was the seat of the Turkish ruler

Narrations differed as to why the castle was named “Al-Dosariyya Castle.” Some attribute the name to the word “Dawsir,” which means division from the army, and others attribute the name to the Al-Dawasir Army, led by Sheikh Prince Abdullah bin Daraan

The Ministry of Tourism began the restoration and restructuring of the castle in January 2012 in three stages. The first stage is the removal of rubble, the second is the supply of electricity and the development of the area surrounding the castle, and the third and final stage is the establishment of the museum inside the castle

The castle was used in a number of times, as it was used during the period of the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the Jazan region in the thirteenth century AH, and it was also used during the period of the rule of the Idrisid state as well during the reign of King Abdul Aziz and King Saud. Abdullah Al-Qarawi during the period of his dissemination of knowledge in the Jazan region as a headquarters for education, study and dissemination of knowledge among the students of the region and during the Saudi era, it was used by the Ministry of Defense


Farasan Island

It is an archipelago of islands located in the south of the Red Sea, consisting of several islands, the most important of which are Farasan Island, Al-Saqeed, Qamh, Damask, Zafaf, Doshak, Kira, and Suluba Island. Farasan also contains many monuments such as the Portuguese castle, Green buildings, Al-Najdi Mosque, Wadi Matar, Al-Rifai’s house, Al-Jarmal house, Al-Kadmi, Luqman and Al-Ardi castles

The surface of the island is distinguished by its low height above sea level, which ranges between 10m and 20m. This height increases at the edges to approximately 40m, and its maximum height above sea level reaches 72m. There are also canyons


Black Mountain

It is called Mount Al-Aziyyin in relation to the “Al-Aziyyin” tribe. It is more likely to be called “Al-Jabal Al-Aswad” by this name because of its dense vegetation cover, which gives it a black color to be seen from afar. It takes the form of an arc that starts from the north to bend towards the east at its highest peak. Wadi Lajab and from the south are the Munjid Mountains, and in the area south of the mountain there are the Al-Sahalil Mountains

The length of the mountain is about 1800m , and it is inhabited by more than two thousand people, most of whom work in agriculture and herding of livestock


Al Qahar Mountain

It was called Mount Zahwan. The center of Jabal Al-Qahr is located on it, as Mount Zahwan is considered one of the distinctive landmarks and evidence in the country of Khawlan bin Amer, Saudi Arabia. It is located at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level. Between 500 and 450 million years ago

Jabal Al-Qahr was given this name during the occurrence of the War of Conquest, and then it was given this name, but it is still known as Mount Zahwan, and it is bordered on the east by a group of mountains and valleys that separate it from the Al-Farsha governorate of Dhahran Al-Janoub located in the Asir region, and from the west it is bordered by a number of valleys that supply Wadi Bish and Jabal Al-Qahra “Al-Maeda” and from the north it is bordered by Wadi Bish with its tributaries, but from the south it is bordered by the Black Mountain


Lajab Canyon

It is a rift and fracture in the eastern part of Jabal al-Qahar (Zahwan), which is located 150km to the northeast of the city of Jizan. An increasing number of convoys of visitors from inside and outside the region

The history of the valley dates back to the era of the occurrence of the African refraction, where rising mountains appeared with very hard rocks that differ from the neighboring mountains in terms of rock structure and color, which is noticed by the visitor to the valley. Figure between the mountains next to it

Lajab canyon extends in the form of a rift or a refracting rift at the eastern end of Jabal Al-Qaher, with a length of approximately 11 km, heading from north to south. After 3 km, this rift meets another 2km rift


Fifa Mountains

It is a group of mountains that wrap around each other to appear from afar in the form of one hierarchical mountain, and it is called by another name, which is the name “Jarat al-Qamar” due to the height of its mountains and its involvement with clouds. Plants have a height above sea level of 1814 m


Adventure Hiking with Zawaya

Amazing experience with a licensed and certified guide and a cellular medic in Wadi Lajab, Jabal al-Qahr and the Black Mountain. It has many historical, heritage and social dimensions that are unparalleled. It is an enjoyable sport and requires good physical fitness. It is also full of meditation that is inspired by the environment, nature, the strangeness of the place, the road conditions, the challenge of climbing and some adventure. It makes it a unique experience whose memories remain for a long time with us, including special hospitality and distinguished service that makes our guests nature-loving and environmentally friendly.