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Booking Terms & Conditions

It must be ensured that all the names of the passengers in the reservation are correct, and the obligation to enter each name in the appropriate field (field) for it, in the event that the names are entered incorrectly or do not match, then the reservation will be cancelled taking into account the increase in prices and the change in fees if If the modifications are required, upon completion of the payment process and payment of the reservation value in full, your reservation will be considered valid and confirmed

Zawaya reserves the right to refuse any booking. The company can also add service fees to reservations made through the call centre

Zawaya reserves the right to cancel the reservation in the event of an incorrect price due to updating prices, which results in an unrealistic value for the reservation. Also, in the event of repeated unpaid reservations, the company that owns the site, Zawaya, has the right to cancel all reservations, with the exception of what has been notified to the customer in advance

For each booking cancellation, Zawaya will charge a cancellation fee in addition to the fees imposed by the service provider

Cancellation Policy

For cancellation of reservation this will be five days before trip, following fees will be deducted

10% Service Fees
Penalty For Cancelling Train or Flight Tickets
Bank Transfer Fees
Fees Tickets for Activities or Visiting Heritage Sites

Dress Etiquette in Saudi Arabia

Men and women are encouraged to dress modestly, and to avoid tight-fitting clothing that contains offensive images or phrases in public. Women must cover their shoulders and knees in public. (Consider bringing long-sleeved tops or scarves to cover the shoulders, midi or long dresses or skirts, or short or long pants to cover the knees.)

Public Taste System in Saudi Arabia

Intimacy in public is not in keeping with the local culture. Visitors should also not use offensive language or gestures. For more information, search for “Language and Culture” on VisitSaudi.com

Illicit Substances & Alcohol in Saudi Arabia

The sale, purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Alcoholic beverages and narcotics are also prohibited in the country, so plan to relax with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea at one of the many cafés in Saudi Arabia

Respect For Religion in Saudi Arabia

During the five daily prayers in Saudi Arabia, music stops in public and many shops close for a short period. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. And if you happen to visit during the holy month of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, avoid eating or drinking in public during the day out of respect for others. Find out more about how to participate in Ramadan, if you are visiting Jeddah or Riyadh

Flight Documents Including Acceptable Identification Requirements

Customer is responsible for having a valid ID card (Saudi ID card or valid residency), passport, visa(s) and all other documents required by government regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to carry them with him when traveling locally or internationally. The photo, name, date of birth and gender appearing on the ID card must exactly match the same data included in the flight registration records. Zawaya Tourism Corporation recommends that you take into consideration that some countries will not accept any traveler, if their passport has expired within six (6) months from the date of entry. You acknowledge that any failure to comply strictly with these requirements may result in denial of boarding/departure or undue delay at any security checkpoints causing the Customer to miss flight(s) and subsequent scheduled flight reservations on land and sea flights, tours and various visits
Ensuring the validity of identities and/or travel documents is the sole responsibility of the customer, and it is his responsibility to review and verify all information. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact us immediately if information, changes or corrections are required

Photographic Materials

Zawaya Tourist reserves the right to use any photo/video taken at any event or during any travel activity, without the express written permission of the persons included in the photo/video. Zawaya Tourism Corporation may use the image/video in publications or other media materials produced, used or contracted by it, including but not limited to: brochures, invitations, books, newspapers, magazines, television, websites, digital platform, etc. Anyone who wishes not to use the images as a montage or to include them in newspaper articles, books, etc., contact the Zawaya Tourist Foundation in writing via the official

Rules & Conditions Application

– Rules and conditions apply on the first day of the trip and upon arrival and use of Zawaya Tourist Services, and our activity is subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions. By accessing, using, or obtaining any content, products or services through our office or through our accounts on social media, you and the buyer, traveler or adventurer (customer, passenger, you and you) agree to be bound by these Terms
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– Communication towers may not be available during the hours of your presence in the accommodation site, knowing that the Tourist Zawaya team provides wireless devices to communicate with unified wave frequencies used in emergency situations and with those close to you in case of emergency communication
Avoiding political, religious, sectarian and ethnic conversations or any topics that affect public taste or cause embarrassment to others
– Adventurers who wish to use their cars on the trip must assume the responsibility of following up on the team during the trip, and in the event of any malfunction, God forbid, the participant bears full responsibility for his car and for arriving at and departing from the residence