Abha Discovering Your Senses

  • Zawaya Tourist
  • 2023.07.17
  • 06:15 PM

Fog Walkway

Part of the marvel of the trip to Abha, which is full of breath-taking natural sights, is seeing its fog that penetrates its mountains and touches its land in Al-Dabab Walkway, which spans over 7 km. This experience, amidst a panoramic painting that showcases the greenery of the Sarawat Mountains, is worth travelling for
Enjoy the view of the nature’s mountains in Al-Dabab walkway. Observe the wide terraced farm fields at a height of 2200 m on the edge of the Sarawat Mountains. Breathe in the clean mountain air whilst you take a stroll through the heavy fog. Enjoy the beautiful taste of the good life in the green landscapes in an experience where you will capture a countless number of pictures of Abha’s mesmerizing fog

Explore Soudah

At 3,000m perched on the side of Saudi Arabia’s highest mountain, the juniper-covered Soudah is the unofficial outdoor adventure capital of Saudi Arabia. Part of the vast Aseer National Park, with its network of hiking routes, this is an area of cool mountain air, wild nature and mist-cloaked valleys. While hiking and guided camping trips are quintessential activities, this is also an area of ancient tribal culture — especially at the historic village of Rijal Almaa west of Soudah. Here, the annual Flowerman Festival showcases the culture of the indigenous Aseri tribe, including the men wearing flower wreaths as headdresses


High City

If you want a local experience in the heart of Abha, head to the High City. Enjoy a cup of tea prepared on embers or indulge in the countless local and international dishes in wonderful, fun-filled outdoor seating areas, where the temperature does not exceed 15°C in the summer time You will be in a halo of wonder while you walk around the High City that spans over an area of 26 thousand m2. You will find a chain of local and international restaurants and cafes adorned with golden night lights overlooking the main street in a picturesque view mixed with a great ambience. You will also enjoy live music performances in Fog Coffee

Rejal Almaa

The ancient remains and folk tales, hidden inside the unique architectural designs of Rijal Almaa village, which have been echoing for more than 700 years, are historical evidence that attest for its early civilization. Its tall stone-built buildings were made using Basalt rocks, which gave them their strength and durability to last through time. The white Quartz stone is found extensively on the outer walls, while the interior is embellished with magnificently made artwork which is only 45 km away from Abha. With its stone-built castles and colourful buildings, it made it to the list of tourism villages of the world


Discover Natural Southern Honey

The quality and abundance of Honey production can be traced back to a passion since ancient times. Beekeeping and Honey extraction is one of the leading agricultural occupations in the region. Amateurs enjoy practicing the job privately by setting up apiaries in the backyards of their houses. Abha`s arable land contributed to the quality production of Honey due to the availability of the trees that bees feed on, such as Acacia, Ziziphus Spina-Christi, Salvadora Persica, and Rhanterium Epapposum, and the trees that produce Honey, for example, Ziziphus Spina-Christi, and Acacia Nilotica. Also, the care of beekeepers to follow the highest principles of beehive maintenance is a reason behind Honey quality. The number of apiaries in the region is up to thousands. The view of vendors presenting their various Honey productions will amaze you while walking around Abha`s streets


Adventure with Zawaya

An adventure experience and discovery of the natural mountains of Abha with a certified and licensed guide and a cellular paramedic for hiking and meditation among the green trees and getting to know the types of plants famous in the region


Camping with Zawaya

It is an opportunity to explore the cold natural beauty of Abha with a distinguished service that provides our guest with everything he needs in this experience in one of the forests of Abha, by drawing on the rocks, and a summer session of a musical nature to enjoy the beautiful and unforgettable atmosphere, in addition to documenting the experience with professional photography that you can share with the one you love