Al Baha Jewel of South Among Juniper Acacia & Olive Trees

  • Zawaya Tourist
  • 2023.06.25
  • 05:23 PM

About Al Baha

Al Baha Province is filled with dense forests, mountains, and waterfalls, along with captivating valleys. The province also holds a rich history, evident in the engravings and drawings left on its mountains and valleys, as well as a heritage full of ancient traditions, reflected in its traditional dishes, historical villages, heritage museums, and popular markets that showcase the details of the past

Its fertile lands produce several crops, including vegetables, grains, and seasonal fruits such as grapes, pomegranates, apples, peaches, and prickly pears

The delicious taste of Al-Baha’s honey reflects the quality and authenticity of local production Visitors can taste and purchase honey as part of the experiences that the region offers. It is one of the most important honey-producing regions in Saudi Arabia, where its locals have been keeping bees for hundreds of years


Camping with Zawaya

Al Baha is one of the best places in the kingdom for camping lovers with its dense forests, high mountains, pleasant weather, and starlit skies


Hiking Adventure with Zawaya

An experience that brings the isolation of the mountain serenity, which is only interrupted by rare car sounds from time to time, making it an ideal destination for camping with its picturesque heights and slopes filling the horizon. Climb until you find your favourite spot to relax in the arms of the clouds